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Pecol Water Heater

Pecol Water Heater

PECOL water heater today is a long ways from our unassuming beginnings in the mid 1970’s. Our business center has since extended drastically from being just a producer of household electric stockpiling water warmers to outlining frameworks for both the mechanical and business markets lastly developed to end up the business pioneer in Energy Saving Water Heating innovation.

For more than 40 years, PECOL has and keeps on being a name synonymous with high temp water in South-East Asia. Aside from a full line of water warmers, our center item, our PECOL scope of items has extended to incorporate items for mechanical and business applications, for example, Heat Pumps , Solar Heaters.

All things considered, our Research and Development office reliably takes off new items each one to two years. These new and exceedingly inventive exclusive items have fortified the organization’s piece of the overall industry and help keep us in front of our rivals.

Our corporate central command and current assembling office is situated in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, covering a zone of more than two sections of land. We utilize around 120 laborers of various classifications. Our semi-mechanized assembling plant is all around prepared and our staff uncommonly selected and prepared to augment efficiency and economy to accomplish our exclusive expectations set to meet your conveyance plan. We endeavor to give the most ideal administration, innovation, learning, and offices for the advantage of you, our clients.