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Meru Water Heater

MERU Water Heater

MERU water heater is one of the leading water heater in Malaysia with competitive price. Provide sales & after sales service of water heater. Meru water heater is a trustworthy quality water warmer producer that provisions electric stockpiling radiators, sun oriented boiling water frameworks, calorifiers and warmth pumps. The organization has more than 30 long periods of involvement in the water warming business in Malaysia. Their sunlight based heated water framework is the main brand in Malaysia, and has been certify with benchmarks of value in both Europe and Australia.

MERU’s electric stockpiling water radiators have limit ranges from as few as 15 to upwards of 10,000 liters. Their business calorifier limit ranges are between 908 liters to 9,080 liters. The organization likewise offers the alternative of custom limit water radiators and calorifiers made to arrange. Green item choices incorporate warmth pump crossovers combined with sunlight based boards, and a sun powered boiling water framework – the most progressive arrangement of its kind in Malaysia and the main Malaysian-made result of its kind with both pressurized immediate and roundabout warming frameworks.

MERU water heater right now supplies their water warming frameworks to a few understood brands abroad in nations, for example, Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They offer organization, dealership, and OEM chances to all customers inspired by purchasing and bringing in water warmers straightforwardly from the producer.

Buyers who wish to be earth well disposed value the scope of green items that MERU brings to the table. Their sunlight based boiling water framework and warmth pump cross breed offer vitality effective alternatives to customers. MERU endeavors to keep their clients fulfilled by ensuring their conveyances are on time, and also offering focused costs and item guarantees.